22-23 October 2015
Oeiras (Lisbon), Portugal

Conference Objectives

For 2015, MIST conference is focused to a set of research areas complementing each others and paving the way for future. Not limiting our research focus we intend to break the traditional boundaries between disciplines for the future!

We expect to offer you the highest quality and progressively specialized event, discussions and contacts, going deeper into several inter-related research areas as needed over the years.

This year's conference will be held at the Riviera Hotel (Friday, 23rd). We will be having a Reception Opening at the premises of the Universidade Atlântica located in Oeiras, in the stimulating and beautiful surroundings of the Museum of Fábrica da Pólvora - Oeiras/Cascais on the 22nd and 23rd of October 2015, immediatelly following the ICT2015 event.

MIST2015 objectives are also aligned with the Universidade Atlântica strategic vision (INNOVATION and SUSTAINABILITY based on TECHNOLOGIES sound development) by aiming to contribute to the development of research and innovation within practical industrial application in a context of applied sustainable economics and engineering.

The MIST conference series envisions the consolidation of its objectives, while aiming at bringing together prominent researchers and innovation leaders, public entities and, business and civil participants interested on the broad themes of INNOVATION, ECONOMICS, TECHNOLOGIES and SUSTAINABILITY to debate recent advances in several specific fields and prepare the follow-up actions in the near future.

MIST conferences focus on a wide variety of topics, aiming at encouraging inter-disciplinary and comparative approaches, while bringing together researchers, citizens, private and public institutions interested on sustainable economics and technological development issues. We have a strong focus on new research and innovation methodology following EAR (Experimentaiton and application research) as well as Open Innovation 2.0. The conference collaborates with the Open Innovation Strategy and Policy Group of European Commission and New Club of Paris.

We also intend to develop over the years an associated publication series strongly committed at publishing a selection of high quality papers, which will be presented in our yearly conferences.

Although MIST2015 is not only following the traditional academic conference approach but also, we are specially determined to create the time and space for interaction and creativity for the future actions thus, not so much focused on reporting from past.

We are compromised in creating an environment for the "open science" prioritizing the cross-cutting themes of modern research and innovation methods hence highlighting impactful research and capturing the demand side attention and interest as well (policy-making).

What to expect from MIST2015 and what shall be the follow-up actions?

  • New ideas;
  • Cross-disciplinary interaction;
  • Insight to new research and innovation approaches;
  • Seed from new collaborative projects across boundaries.

MIST2015 aims at providing an opportunity for analyzing and debating state-of-the-art academic research on 5 different lines of major interest for new entrepreneurial attitude towards knowledge-based manufacturing and competitive product and service development:

  1. Innovation Economics and Policy Modelling
  2. Environmental, Energetic and Economic Sustainability
  3. Innovation Management & Entrepreneurship
  4. Advanced Tourism Economics
  5. Management Information Systems

Given the multidisciplinary character of high public interest, target audience of this conference is not only academics from all scientific areas but also a broader audience including policy-makers, private investors, businessmen and the broader community interested in modern ways of innovation.